CG1Complementation Group 1
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The work consists in the construction of a new bridge over the Gran Valira River, as the main building, which will solve the connection between the CG1 and the future deviation across the river.
Por otra parte, al igual que en toda la secuencia de Cueva Maripe, la variedad ignimbrita silicificada grupo 1 (ISG1) fue la materia prima mayormente utilizada en el Componente 2 de la CS (n=3, 28%), seguida por proporciones menores por xilopalo, variedades de rocas siliceas (RSG2, RSG3) y calcedonia variedad CG1.
1], found respectively in the managements PCs and CN1, while the lowest CHA contents were found in the conventional managements (Past, CG1, CG2 and PCv).
Analyzing which groups had a statistically significant difference between each other, it was possible to verify that both the EG and the CG1 had a statistically significant inferior performance when compared, separately, to the CG2, the children with typical development paired by the chronological age.
With 54 isolates and 10 STs, CG1 was the clonal group with the largest number of isolates and STs.
2) variable CG1 with only three categories (first two and the last two have been combined).
Table 2: The IGS (Business-Unit Level) Integrated Governance Steps for Dimensions Objectives KPIs Targets Actuals Improvement CORPORATE CG1 .
First quarter 1984 to third quarter 1996 Consumer expenditures survey NLAG CG1 CG2 CG3 CG4 2 [gamma] (a) -.
Contact: United Nations Association (Wales), International Youth Service, Temple of Peace, Cathays Park, Cardiff CG1 3AP.