CG2Crystal Gateway 2
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1]) and the lowest ones in the areas of conventional management (Past, CG1, CG2 and PCv) (Figure 1C and D), while the lowest value of Hum was found in Past (16.
Analyzing which groups had a statistically significant difference between each other, it was possible to verify that both the EG and the CG1 had a statistically significant inferior performance when compared, separately, to the CG2, the children with typical development paired by the chronological age.
On the other hand, the differences in both the raw value-weighted and the equally weighted returns are negative, but insignificant for the CGI portfolio, and positive (and significant at the 10% level in the case of the equally weighted returns) for the CG2 portfolio.
02 (mS/cm) Luminosity 1857 4525 (lux) Period of 2005-2007 2006 data sample Frequency of monthly and dry season sample seasonally Analyzed Dog Antonio parameters Lopes Pardo Microbasin/Stream CG CG Order/Stretch CG2 CG5 EPAs Jundiai Jundiai Zone CZ CZ Human activity yes yes Altitude (m) 750 750 Latitude 23[degrees]18'28" 23[degrees]18'27" Longitude 46[degrees]56'29" 46[degrees]56'29" Extension (Km) 0.
Finally, the EG pupils differ from those in CG2 as regards the statistically higher scores given to the presence (in cases of success) or absence (in cases of failure) of luck (F (2, 104) = 5.
For this analysis, 748 laboratories enrolled in the CG2 External Proficiency Testing Program were using methods in 9 consensus groups of 10 or larger, allowing statistical comparison.
In initial screenings, as little as 30uM of CG1 reduced cell viability to only 3% of control, while as much as 1mM CG2 had no impact on cell viability (96% of control).
Castano continues work on nanotech coatings, and serves as a consultant to industry, like CG2 NanoCoatings Inc.
Similar to its smaller relative in the CG series, the ultra-compact CG2 launched earlier this year, the CG4 can be used for shelfedge, product and mark-down labelling, shipping and compliance labelling, product identification labels and tags, item tracking and a host of other everyday labelling and identification needs.
CG2 (n = 7) only contained isolates with STs that are unique to Ontario and the ancestor of this group was predicted to be ST209 (BC = 28%).