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She called his clinic, told him about the situation, and he told us to come in the next day (CG2).
In more detail, as shown in Figure 8(a) for wells CG2 and CG3, the production wells realized a depressurization in the 15-17 bar range, at the end of the first year of simulation, and then stabilized to an averaged value of 19 bar at the end of the production time.
The first implication is about why CG1 (i.e., text version) and CG2 (i.e., text with graphic version) can accommodate the preferences of Holists and Serialists.
The highest mean values of Hum were found in CN1 (47.4 g [kg.sup.-1]), PCs (37.4 g [kg.sup.-1]), PN (31.1 g [kg.sup.-1]) and CN2 (29.9 g [kg.sup.-1]) and the lowest ones in the areas of conventional management (Past, CG1, CG2 and PCv) (Figure 1C and D), while the lowest value of Hum was found in Past (16.1 g [kg.sup.-1]).
* Comparative group 1 (GC1) and Comparative Group 2 (GC2): to have typical neuropsychomotor development; have been born at term; have not been born with low weight; have results indicative of normality in the neonatal auditory, visual and metabolism screenings; do not have characteristics of the Autism Spectrum Disorder; have visual abilities to perform the activities proposed; be paired according to gender, mental age (CG1), chronological age (CG2), school, and socioeconomic status with the EG.
[C.sub.3] [H.sub.6] Protocol NO 02 CG2 H20 GHSV [ppm] [%] [%] [%] [[h.sup.-1]] L/O/C/D 100 10 5 4.2 78,000 ADS/DES - - - 4.2 78,000 C/S 100 10 5 4.2 78,000 Table 6.
The company, previously known as CG2 Inc., has a track record of delivering R/D, Engineering, and Design Services to US government customers.
120 3.74 2.10 144 3.74 2.36 168 3.87 2.29 5 Cg2 0.32 2.02 24 0.61 1.91 48 n.d.
We label the stocks with unrealized losses (gains) as CL (CG) stocks and, for portfolio level tests, we further group them into two loss portfolios (CL1 and CL2) and two gain portfolios (CGI and CG2) based on the median month-end values.