CG4Complementation Group 4 (genetics)
CG4Crystal Gateway 4
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Parameters Instrument Manufacturer (mentor) Broadband SW Pyranometer Kipp & Zonen, radiative flux, modified CM22 (NRL upwelling and BBR suite) downwelling Broadband LW Pyrgeometer Kipp & Zonen, radiative flux, modified CG4 (NRL upwelling and BBR) downwelling Global, direct, and Sunshine pyranometer Delta-T Devices SPN- diffuse SW radiative I (NRL BBR) flux, downwelling Spectral SW radiance, 4STAR (NASA Ames Research downwelling Center) Spectral SW SSFR (University of irradiance, upwelling Colorado Boulder) and downwelling Cloud and surface Pyrometer Heitronics KT-19.
Similar to its smaller relative in the CG series, the ultra-compact CG2 launched earlier this year, the CG4 can be used for shelfedge, product and mark-down labelling, shipping and compliance labelling, product identification labels and tags, item tracking and a host of other everyday labelling and identification needs.
The CG4 is especially useful where hygiene is important, such as food handling as, like many in the SATO printer range, it features an anti-microbial casing.
Isolates from CG4 (n = 17) grouped with 2 North American clinical strains ST276 and ST289 in CC-A (Fig ure 3).
The faint red glow near the center of CG4 reveals a violent, two-step process that over millions of years contributes to the total destruction of the cloud, he adds.
He adds that the yellow-green regions of CG4 reveal red-absorbing dust particles that lie between the cloud and Earth.
A Peregrine preferred technology partner, CG4 Solutions has been working closely with Peregrine to create a turnkey mobile application platform and products with off-the-shelf integration for AssetCenter and ServiceCenter for more than three years.
With the immediate availability of the CG4 Solutions mobile offerings, Peregrine today announced its plans to discontinue support for its mobile products, effective May 2005.
A new compact label printer, the CG4, designed for food sector bar-code label applications, has been launched in the UK by SATO.
The design calculations of the cold source and the CG4 guide [4] predict a value for the flux at 30 m of 1.
AS THE FLAGSHIP PRODUCT of Centerville-based CG4 Solutions Inc.
Today, CG4 Solutions, a leader in handheld solutions, announced that CEO Alex Bedke will speak on a Nov.