CGAGChewing Gum Action Group (UK)
CGAGClinical Governance Advisory Group (UK)
CGAGCotton Growers Association of Ghana
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Teneke Ecocuk, implemented by CGAG, aims to mobilise the public to collect and recycle their tin cans for the benefit of sick children just like their mentors, and to use the proceeds from the cans they sell to buy medical equipment for children's wards at hospitals in the north.
"We decided to also use the proceeds from the sale of the cans to help children in need," said CGAG member Tuy-bek Kaya.
Under the EEA-funded project Together We Can, the two groups met to develop their ideas and Cans for Kids acted as a mentor for CGAG. "We felt that we could share our knowhow as well as how to avoid the pitfalls," Mavratsas said.
The mentoring included workshops, seminars and hands-on training by inviting CGAG to help in the sorting out and can crashing process.
"The environment cannot be divided nor can it be attributed to religion, language or race; it is a whole, and we must protect it because it is everyone's home," added chairman of CGAG Doy-an Sahir.
CGAG campaign co-ordinator Kristian Bentham said: "Over the past eight years we have been extremely encouraged by the results of the CGAG campaign and we are looking forward to working with this year's participating authorities to help create cleaner, more attractive places to live and work."
The CGAG has been running successful campaigns to change the behaviour of irresponsible gum chewers since 2006.
A spokesperson for CGAG, said: "We are delighted so many councils are taking part in this year's campaign.