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CGARCentral Georgia Area Representative (hip hop artist Cornell South)
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One month after the slaughter, CGAR opened its first Community Nucleus of Culture in Vigario Geral.
In 1996, CGAR opened its second nucleus in another slum community, Cantagalo Hill, and began to train teenagers in circus arts, with subsequent help from a partnership with Cirque du Soleil.
After that, the number of projects took off: more international tours for the band, which signed a contract with Universal Music and issued several CDs; new education projects; the release of a book telling CGAR's story, From the Slum to the World (Da Favela para o Mundo), and of international films about the group, particularly Favela Rising, which gave CGAR enormous publicity outside Brazil.
CGAR also succeeded in the mediation of conflicts in the slums of Rio.
When a rival gang of the slum's dominant drug "business" invaded the slum where CGAR staff were working, CGAR's presence helped avoid bloodshed, showing CGAR's leaders that the organization also had potential as mediator.
In 2004, at the invitation of the government of the state of Minas Gerais, CGAR organized theater, percussion, painting, and dance courses for police officers in the state.
From the beginning of its social work activities, CGAR tried especially hard to attract youths involved in drug dealing.
At the same time, the personnel of CGAR were not afraid to become a target for the drug dealers because of the possible competition for the youth of the slum.
In 2007, CGAR had 69 projects under way, spread through four slum communities in Rio, including ten music bands, two circus groups, one theater troupe, and one dance group.
For Jose Junior, in 2007 the main challenge for CGAR was to strengthen its political, administrative, and financial management capacity.
For 2015, CGAR set itself the objective of being fully self-sufficient, obtaining 100% of financial resources through commercial activities rather than donations.