CGASChildren's Global Assessment Scale
CGASCoast Guard Air Station
CGASClinical Global Assessment Scale
CGASChild Global Assessment Schedule (psychopathology)
CGASComputerized Graphic Analyzer System
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Whether comorbidity and anxiety disorder were more than one or not, score averages of PedsQL, STAIC, CGAS and CGI are shown in Table 5, and no statistically significant difference was found.
Average scores on the CGAS improved to 65 in the combination therapy group, 60 in the fluoxetine-only group, and 57 in the CBT-only and placebo groups.
CGAS received 1,698,800 EVEP subordinated units at the initial public offering of EVEP in September 2006 as part of its consideration in exchange for the contribution of assets to EVEP upon its formation.
A Coast Guard HU-25 Guardian spotted the distressed vessel and alerted search and rescue forces, including three HH-65A Dolphins from CGAS Borinquen, Puerto Rico; the cutters Chincoteague (WPB 1320) and Key Largo (WPB 1324); the Border Patrol; and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
The truth is, the Alaskan qual is a formal-qualification syllabus required to fly into CGAS Kodiak and CGAS Sitka.
10 A Coast Guard HH-65A Dolphin from CGAS Detroit, Mich.
Coast Guard Headquarters' Office of Aviation Forces is seeking funding to eventually employ AUF operationally at CGAS Cape Cod, and build the capability at other air stations across the nation.
Neyman held several senior management positions, including CEO of CGAS, Inc.
We began our journey from CGAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, in January as the embarked aviation detachment on Boutwell (WHEC 719), which joined the Tarawa (LHA 1) amphibious ready group heading to the Arabian Gulf.
Collins, Commandant of the Coast Guard, selected a CGAS Sitka, Alaska HH-60J Jayhawk crew as recipients of the 2003 Coast Guard Foundation Award, recognizing heroic or lifesaving acts in the line of duty.
A rescue helicopter crew from CGAS New Orleans, La.