CGATSCommittee for Graphic Arts Technologies Standards
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EFI's compliance with GRACoL, CGATS, ICC, JDF, PDF, PPML and other open standards, and EFI's collaborations with partners, means that Colorproof XF easily, seamlessly integrates into customers' overall print shop operations, including offset/digital hybrid environments.
Zawacki has co-authored 12 technical papers for the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA) and is a member of the TAGA Board for Directors, the NPIRI Color Measurement Task Force and chair of the CGATS 5C4 (Process Control).
An ADS must provide directions for producing proofs as closely as possible to the appearance of the SWOP Certified Press Proof as defined in ANSI CGATS TR 001.
He is a member of the NPIRI Color Measurement Task Force, chairman of the CGATS Process Control Committee, chair of the CAGATS Executive Committee, and active on GAA, NAA, SWOP and SWAP Committees.
Further improvements to the standard are being discussed by CGATS (Committee for Graphic Arts Technical Standards) and ISO, making the technology useful beyond the needs of publishing advertisers.
ANSI CGATS TR 001-1995 provided public access to color characterization data for offset printing meeting the requirements of ANSI/CGATS.
This paper provides insight into the color gamut of various reference printing conditions being developed by CGATS and ISO TC 130 with support from industry associations such as SNAP, SWOP and GAA.
Interested parties are invited to participate in the task force development activity, review the drafts, and submit comments to the CGATS Secretariat at mabbott@npes.
We expect the CGATS variable data exchange standard to increase the reliability and efficiency of producing variable print work.
NexPress is also a founding board member of PODi and actively participates in CIP4, CGATS and other industry standards forums to promote open standards for variable data.
He represented Adobe at CIP3/CIP3 and CGATS, and was a regular presenter at Seybold Seminars, OnDemand, and XPLOR conferences.