CGCACreative Glass Center of America
CGCACovent Garden Community Association
CGCAColorado Gun Collectors Association
CGCACity and Guilds College Association
CGCAChurches of God Cyber Auxiliary
CGCACedar Grove Christian Academy
CGCAColorado Glazing Contractors Association
CGCAComputational Grand Challenge Applications
CGCACogeneration Corporation of America
CGCACollege Gardens Civic Association
CGCAChief Government Chemist Agency
CGCACalifornia Greyhound Coursing Association
CGCAComputer Graphics Communication Academy
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Multiplex PCR assay targeting a diguanylate cyclase-encoding gene, cgcA, to differentiate species within the genus Cronobacter.
Dogs passing the AKC Community Canine test will earn the "CGCA" (advanced CGC) title and "CGCA" may be listed after the dog's name.
Myostatin haplotype distribution in different breeds (cross) Non-meat Breeds Double Haplotype Sequence Huyang (71) Kazak (48) Beltex (7) Haplo1 CGAG 23.24 6.25 Haplo2 CGAA 42.88 Haplo3 CGCG 11.27 17.71 Haplo4 CGCA 42.88 Haplo5 CAAG Haplo6 CACG Haplo7 TGAG 23.24 43.75 14.24 Haplo8 TGAA Haplo9 TGCG 42.25 32.29 Haplo10 TGCA / / / Haplo11 TAAG Haplo12 TACG Muscle Meat Breeds Haplotype Bx H (32) Dorper (56) MPMF (127) MF (23) Haplo1 21.88 58.04 39.76 43.48 Haplo2 39.06 Haplo3 17.86 29.53 19.57 Haplo4 10.94 Haplo5 2.76 Haplo6 4.72 Haplo7 21.87 10.71 14.57 10.87 Haplo8 6.25 Haplo9 13.39 4.72 26.09 Haplo10 / / / / Haplo11 0.39 Haplo12 3.54 "/" means haplo10 was not present in the studied sheep populations, and animal numbers are in brackets after the breed.
In July 1952, the California Grape Certification Association (CGCA), a cooperative effort of industry and the university, was formed to develop, maintain and distribute virus-free grape stock that was true to variety name.