CGCECompagnie Générale de Construction Électronique (French: General Electronics Construction Company)
CGCECommonwealth Games Council for England (UK)
CGCECanadian Global Campaign for Education
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The histopathologic differential diagnosis of classic CGCE consists mainly of adult GCT.
16) Neuroectodermal tumor of infancy, if lacking its typical melanin pigment, may be confused with CGCE because of a similar nesting pattern and age at presentation; however, it possesses 2 distinct cell types--peripheral large cells (which stain for S-100, HMB-45, and cytokeratin) and small neuroblastic cells (which stain for synaptophysin, GFAP, and S-100).
Reactive or traumatic changes to normal epithelium would demonstrate inflammation and necrosis while lacking the nested or ribbonlike architecture of CGCE.
The CGCE kaleidoscope: Examining the principles from different foci
Each participant contributed analytical notes on each of the five principles onto one common chart, looking at both possibilities and limitations of CGCE from her specific lens.
It is our understanding that a CGCE principle of critically understanding globalization promotes criticality and complexity in conceptualizing and analysing contemporary processes of globalization.
The next section of the paper presents each co-author's articulation of how the lens she used as an analytical frame can be applied to a CGCE approach in Canada by elaborating on, engaging with, and probing the principle of a critical understanding of globalization.
CGCE principles and pedagogies are conceived of and implemented within an ideological and policy-based context, and educational culture is defined by neo-liberalism wherein individualism and social cohesion are valued over the interrogation of power imbalances.
Therefore, a CGCE framework can contribute a nuanced understanding of the processes of globalization.
Thus, from a critical multicultural perspective, CGCE contributes a more complex and nuanced version of the impact of the processes of globalization on cultural identity formation and vice versa.
Viewing a CGCE framework from a lens of critical multiculturalism is particularly important to recognizing the context in which discourses of cultural diversity are framed in Canadian classrooms.
An exploration of 'race' within a CGCE framework requires moving beyond black-white binaries to consider the nuances of 'race' within the current globalized context.