CGCMCombination Generator Control Module
CGCMCoupled General Circulation Model (climate simulations)
CGCMCertified Geriatric Care Manager
CGCMCertified Graphic Communications Manager
CGCMChinese Gospel Church of Massachusetts (est. 1982; Southborough, MA)
CGCMCanadian Global Climate Model
CGCMConsulting Group Capital Markets (investing)
CGCMGeneric Cutter Certification Matrix
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Luo, 2013: Impact of vertical mixing induced by small vertical scale structures above and within the equatorial thermocline on the tropical Pacific in a CGCM. Climate Dyn., 41, 443-453,
Output of the Coupled General Circulation Model (CGCM) is downscaled at regional level to obtain the seasonal forecast.
Tuesday, July 01, 2008, Memorial service at the Chinese Gospel Church of Massachusetts (CGCM) 60 Turnpike Rd., Southborough.
The second model is the Canadian first-generation coupled general circulation model (CGCM I).
Since hearing of the wave's discovery, climate modellers at Atmospheric Research have searched the output of their Mark 2 Global Coupled General Circulation Model (CGCM) for further evidence of its existence.
The field of near-term climate prediction has grown rapidly since the advent of the first studies, about a decade old now, showing that observation-based initialization of coupled general circulation model (CGCM) simulations of the last half-century can significantly enhance predictive capacity on time scales from a year to a decade or more in advance (Keenlyside et al.
[35] assessed the validity of downscaling together with evaluation of GCM models (CGCM, CRNM, ISPL, and ECHAM) for projecting climate change in Same (Northeastern Tanzania) using a self-organizing maps technique.
Yamagata, 2006: A CGCM study on the iteraction between IOD and ENSO.
A Memorial Service celebrating his life will be held on Tuesday, July 1, 2008 at 7:30 PM at the Chinese Gospel Church of Massachusetts (CGCM), 60 Turnpike Road, Southborough, MA.
On the other hand, the difference between MIROC5 AGCM and CGCM suggests that the air-sea interaction might have some impacts on the occurrence of extreme warmth over Asia.