CGEAConduite et Gestion de l'Exploitation Agricole (French farm management training school)
CGEACoast Guard Enlisted Association (est. 1991)
CGEACentral Group on Educational Affairs (Association of American Medical Colleges)
CGEACertificate in General Education for Adults (Department of Education, Science and Training; Australia)
CGEACalifornia Geotechnical Engineers Association (Placerville, CA)
CGEACommunity General Export Authorisation (UK)
CGEACanadian Geothermal Energy Association
CGEACompagnie des Grands Express Aériens (Grand Express Air Company, France)
CGEAConfédération Générale des Entreprises Algérienne (French: General Confederation of Algerian Companies; Algeria)
CGEACourtage Gestion et Études d'Assurances (French insurance company)
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In this respect, the hazel-willow tree forests include the largest number of protected plants, specifically three species from Appendix II, two from Appendix V of Directive 92/43/EEC, two ranked as vulnerable (VU) in the CGEA, and one ranked as being of special interest (SI) and included in the CREAPA (Table 8).
Two weeks ago CGEA won the franchise to run SouthEastern Railways, which carries 100 million passengers a year with a subsidy of pounds 535million spread over 15 years.
Le president de la CGEA tient a relever les multiples alternatives dont dispose l'Algerie [beaucoup moins que] pour renforcer le developpement et promouvoir les exportations hors hydrocarbures, en privilegiant des secteurs comme l'agriculture, le tourisme et de l'agroalimentaire [beaucoup plus grand que].
Entrusting the supply of food necessary for catering in city schools and in the bar was managing CGEA.
The document begins by discussing the following topics: the curriculum framework; the curriculum's content and its relationship to the CGEA program's numeracy learning outcomes and criteria; successful teaching strategies; and use of the module outcomes grids.
Last July, the state government of Victoria awarded to MTE, a subsidiary of CGEA Transport (Vivendi) a 15-year concession for the Hillside rail network.
Le bureau local du CGEA, qui regroupe une douzaine de membres, a finalement designe l'entrepreneur Abderrahmane Attoui pour presider le comite.
CGEA Transport, a subsidiary of the French Vivendi utilities group, said it had won a Swedish metro contract worth 1.
Intervenant hier a l'occasion d'une ceremonie qui a regroupe les deux partenaires au siege de son entreprise, Saida Neghza, presidente de la CGEA, a indique que cet accord intervient pour encourager le developpement de l'investissement en Algerie et en Tunisie.
Reliance of the service of maintenance of elevator equipment in buildings under direct management to CGEA for the period 2016-2020.
Le president sortant retenu comme president d'honneur de la CGEA, Habib Yousfi, a fait savoir que la presence d'hommes d'affaires de la rive sud de la Mediterranee a cette rencontre est [beaucoup moins que] une occasion pour creer un nouveau climat entre les entreprises de cette region [beaucoup plus grand que], precisant que c'est aussi un message pour les pays de la rive nord en montrant que les entrepreneurs du pourtour mediterraneen sont prets a relever les defis economiques et culturels.