CGECCalifornia Geriatric Education Center (University of California, Los Angeles)
CGECCenter for Global Electronic Commerce (Virginia Tech; Blacksburg, VA)
CGECCenter for Genomic Experimentation and Computation
CGECCalifornia Gas and Electric Corporation
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Although it endorses in principle support for the CGEC with respect to the next stage of the environmental tax reform, no specific measures were have been concerning the implementation thereof so far.
More information on the CGEC 2012 Forum and field trip can be found on the CGEC website.
Formed in 2004 as part of the UC Davis Energy Institute, the mission of CGEC is to help expand the sustainable use of geothermal resources to meet California's energy needs through outreach and education and by supporting industry and research.
The faculty development program at CGEC is offered to clinician leaders, either in an academic or health care setting, who educates any or all of the following groups: students, staff, community members and patients (Busby-Whitehead & Miller, 2008).
This lack was cited by one sixth of the respondents to the 1994 CGEC survey as a major barrier to increasing the number of gerontological social workers (Damron-Rodriguez et al.