CGESCentre for Global Energy Studies
CGESCenter for German and European Studies (various locations)
CGESCoast Guard Exchange System (US DHS)
CGESCommissioner General of Essential Services (various locations)
CGESCentral Georgia Equine Services (Fort Valley, GA; est. 1988)
CGESCentre de Gestion des Eléments Secrets (French: Secrets Elements Management Center)
CGESCenter for Global Education Services (Arizona State University; Tempe, AZ)
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Eugen Weinberg, a Commerzbank analyst, told CGES "an embargo would force them to source their oil requirements elsewhere at considerably higher prices.
It is very close to the record highs," said Leo Drollas, director and chief economist of the London-based CGES.
Leo Drollas, deputy executive director at the CGES, said the kingdom had provided over half or 550,000 barrels per day of the extra barrels pumped by Gulf countries to replace lost Libyan supplies.
While the year-on-year surge in global oil demand, estimated by the CGES at 2.
Ordinarily, CGES would apply immediately for an H-1B visa for Urvish.
As long as this remains the case, the oil market will continue to be at the mercy of geopolitical concerns", predicted the CGES.
According to SBA's announcement, CGES claimed to be a small business when it applied for a GSA Schedule contract in 1996.
According to the CGES, Saudi Arabia would need an OPEC basket price of $47/barrel if it lowered its output to 9 million b/d in order to retire debt and keep a fiscal surplus.
1374 during the current tax year would be treated as component members; hence they should file CGES.
CGES hence projects that based on exports of around 2 million bpd, higher prices have so far netted Iran at least an additional $460 million in oil export revenues this year.
In 1989, he left OPEC to lead the CGES, a not-for-profit energy research institute set up by former Saudi Oil Minister Shaikh Ahmad Zaki Yamani and based in a grand building opposite London's Hyde Park.