CGEYCap Gemini Ernst and Young (IT consulting firm)
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About 2,250 employees are expected to join CGEY from EDS and Accenture, with over 900 joining its partner in the project Fujitsu Services.
Other bidders include Fujitsu, Lockheed, PlexusCare, and SchlumbergerSema, bidding for the South East and South West region; Accenture, Cerner, CGEY, and PlexusCare bidding for the East of England and East Midlands; and BT, CSC, Fujitsu, IBM, and Patient First Alliance, which are bidding for the West Midlands and North West regions.
As a measure of the urgency with which CGEY thinks it needs to implement that model, it is adding 250 employees a quarter at its Mumbai (Bombay) facility where programmers cost a quarter of their equivalents in Paris.
Melbourne cited the healthcare and retail industries as CGEY strengths.
CGEY claims to have become the number one process consulting and package implementation company in customer relationship management in Europe, and the number one implementer of Oracle applications in the US.
A trading update from CGEY in October suggested that this hoped-for recovery would not occur until next year at the earliest.
Both men prefaced their remarks with a quick discussion of a new tool CGEY calls "Consumer Relevancy.
CGEY is currently in takeover talks with Boulogne, France-based systems integrator Transiciel SA, but JP Morgan believes that a takeover would show the company "addressing short-term earnings needs rather than long-term competitiveness.
It seems that the difficult economic climate has driven CGEY to engage in illegal flyposting in areas of London, as part of its "overall integrated marketing strategy".