CGFRChena-Goldstream Fire and Rescue (Fairbanks, AK)
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The cGFR at the last visit was normal in 117 patients (64.6%), abnormal in 63 (34.8%) and unknown in 1.
Of 102 patients who did not return for scheduled appointments, 80 (78.4%) had a normal cGFR at the last visit.
In 53.4% of patients who started off with a low cGFR, there was improvement to normal renal function after surgical intervention for the duration of follow-up.
A CGFR is not the gold standard of kidney function.
As for my friend, a CGFR of 32 doesn't bode well, especially as he'd had the test done three times in three weeks.
Bilal Jamil said that serum creatinine and cGFR should be used for assessment.