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(2006) provides information on CGFs for 68 completed programs with similar complexities to programs acquired by the U.S.
Participants included users from overseas posts plus representatives of the CGFS Help Desk and other bureaus.
Nevertheless, many countries, including some EMSEs, had developed approaches based on the concept of banks holding stocks of liquid assets to withstand stressed periods (for examples, see CGFS, 2010).
Committee on the Global Financial System (2010), 'Long-term issues in international banking', CGFS Paper No.
"The Role of Margin Requirements and Haircuts in Procyclicality." CGFS publications No.
Inability to forecast conditions at longer horizons, a lack of price history or short-term incentives interact with cyclical variation in observed indicators of risk to give cyclical variation in the price of risk (see CGFS (2009) for a detailed discussion).
As reported in CGFS (2010), a number of regulators have announced their intention to apply liquidity requirements to the subsidiaries and branches of foreign banks in their jurisdictions.
"The Change in Liquidity in the Life Cycle of Japanese Government Securities," in Market Liquidity: Research Findings and Selected Policy Implications, CGFS Publication No.
policymakers--is the apparent disagreement between the results of the G-10 task force interviews and the Committee on the Global Financial System (CGFS) report on the operation of financial markets in the fall of 1998 regarding the effects of consolidation on the operation of financial markets.