CGGDCentral Government Gross Debt
CGGDCertified German Graphic Designer (BQWG)
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Furthermore, incentives for submitters to provide follow-up data may increase submissions and the completeness of the clinical data, and therefore, the clinical usefulness of the CGGD.
Evidence could also be based on the analysis of data within a CGGD, with comments and edits from users of the database, as long as the lack of peer review is a searchable field.
A variant that has unknown significance on submission to a CGGD may be proven later to be benign or pathogenic.
Although the primary use of a CGGD is to guide care of individual patients, a further consideration in data retrieval from GMEDs (layer 3) is whether the patient's clinical phenotype should be layered across the full database of patient phenotypes.
A CGGD for sequence variants can be built using the lessons learned by the databases that have come before.
Abbreviations: CGGD, clinical grade genomic database; CGVR, clinical genomic variant repository; GMED, genomic medicine evidence database; GMDR, genomic medical data repository.
To achieve practical utility, CGGDs should be easy to access.
Metadata regarding the specimen, the laboratory testing process, and bioinformatics process should be included in all CGGDs.