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CGHComparative Genomic Hybridization
CGHChangi General Hospital (Singapore)
CGHCenter for Global Health
CGHComputer Generated Hologram
CGHComputer-Generated Hologram
CGHCommunity General Hospital (Syracuse, NY)
CGHCastle of Good Hope (South Africa)
CGHCompagnie de Gestion Hôtelière (French: Hotel Management Company)
CGHCompressed Gaseous Hydrogen
CGHSao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Congonhas (Airport Code)
CGHChinese General Hospital (Manila, Philippines)
CGHCantonment General Hospital (Rawalpindi, Pakistan)
CGHCincinnati General Hospital (Cincinnati, OH)
CGHGuided Missile/Helicopter Cruiser
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He said the CGH was the only public sector healthcare centre in the Chaklala and Rawalpindi cantonments and it had been in a poor condition for many years.
Similarly, all dispensaries in various wards would be linked with CGH through mobile services.
Prototypes of CGH-welcome lights are now being developed for the automotive industry, and Luminit CGHs could also play a key role in live events, staging, commercial and retail signage.
sup][3],[4] Array CGH enables the detection of the precise sizes of deletions in the WHS candidate region (WHSCR) with greater accuracy compared with either fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) or conventional G-banded chromosome analysis alone.
Vendedores de atole, tamales, refrescos, papitas y hasta sombreros--los mismos que habian seguido al CGH de asamblea en asamblea--colocaban sus puestos desde temprano, le daban color al ambiente y--como no--hasta un cierto aire de fiesta.
Results: The study showed significant results for both the interventions in the treatment of CGH but SNAG mobilization has been more effective in reducing pain in CGH patients.
Three technical concepts lie behind the performance of array CGH.
1% per embryo transfer in patients undergoing array CGH, compared to 16.
The study reported in the Nature Biotechnology report systematically compared 11 commercial array platforms, including a BAC-based CGH array, an oligonucleotide-based CGH array, an SNP array, and SNP + CNV hybrid arrays.
CGH are usually generated using commercial software like MATLAB, MATHCAD, Mathematica and etc.
Mark Sedler, consultant fertility specialist at the Care Fertility clinic in Manchester, said this is the first time such "parental support" has been used with array CGH, offering greater accuracy.
Array CGH, which costs pounds 8,500, was used to test the embryos but then the cells were also cross-matched against DNA samples taken from Mr and Mrs Riley.