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In the speed arena, rotary face milling cutters now operate reliably, cutting CGI at surface speeds up to 1000 m/min.
CGI says that standard gas nozzles (3 or 6 mm) can be used for small parts.
The latest version of CGI's optional e-commerce modules also takes advantage of these features by displaying personalized content for members based on each member's individual profile.
CGI was the first way to create dynamic information on the Web.
Even though CGI does not prescribe instruction, CGI classrooms do exhibit similarities.
The Paragon transaction represents CGI's seventh metro market acquisition over the last 15 months and the fifth in the US over the last five quarters.
"CGI is committed to delivering the highest professional standards to our clients by providing excellent service quality while helping to address key business challenges", said Jamie Holland, Senior vice-president, Greater Toronto Area, CGI.
Roger Cope, Lamb Technicon's vice president of Business Development, observes, "Many people think that they can just slow their machines down and machine CGI. But it destroys inserts." For one thing, unlike gray iron, CGI is a very low sulfur iron.
Jim Herrmann, Lamb Technicon president, says: "We've already been commissioned to design and build the first ever high-volume CGI cylinder block production machining system.
There is precious little Arthurian legend to be found in this latest foray in CGI animation for the preteen set.
CGI, one of the pioneers in the field of component software technology, is now making the tremendous benefits of this new generation of software available to the association community.