CGIFConsultative Group on Indonesian Forestry
CGIFConceptual Graph Interchange Form
CGIFCommission of Game and Inland Fisheries (Virginia)
CGIFChurch Growth Investment Fund (Florida)
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CGIF maintains a conservative investment approach, prioritising investment liquidity and capital preservation.
This notwithstanding, MARC notes that CGIF posted higher guarantee income (1H2014: $386,000; 1H2013: $108,000) in line with the increase in its guarantee portfolio.
Other newly created bodies, such as ABMI and CGIF, play a supportive role.
Interestingly, the commonly used name for the CMIC, AMRO, ABMI, CGIF, and AMRG instruments is ASEAN Plus 3 and not China Plus One as economic logic would suggest.
Based on RAM's rating methodology for government-linked entities, CGIF benefits from a "high" likelihood of extraordinary support from its key capital contributors, i.
Since commencing operations in May 2012, CGIF has issued 2 guarantees equivalent to approximately $125 million; several other potential transactions are in the pipeline.