CGILConfederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro (Italian General Confederation of Labor)
CGILCentre for Genetic Improvement of Livestock
CGILConfederazione Generale Italiana Lavoratori (Italian: General Confederation of Italian Workers)
CGILCapital Guaranteed Investments Limited (Australia)
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Benedetta Liberali, a lawyer representing the trade union CGIL in the recent European case, says in reality the current situation prompts some doctors to quit abortion services.
30) El texto de la denuncia de la CGIL puede encontrarse en Center for the Study of European Labour Law "Massimo D'Antona", www.
svolgeva all'epoca attivita di sindacalista della CGIL e professava le idee marxiste>> (Mauritius D.
However, he quickly ran into strong opposition, led by the CGIL union which found support from the centre-left Democratic party (PD) that he relied on for his majority and which is now, polls suggest, likely to win February elections.
Italy's biggest union, CGIL, also called for a work stoppage of several hours across the country.
The protest was organized by trade unions CGIL and UIL and protesters chanted slogans and hoisted banners reading: "Stop burdening the weakest.
According to the union CGIL, which has complained about the policy, male staff at American-owned Abercrombie and Fitch have been forced to do 10 press-ups each time they make a mistake, and female employees must do 10 squat thrusts.
Nous voulons dire au gouvernement que s'il continue a regarder les marches et pas le pays, il n'y aura bientot plus de pays", a lance Susanna Camusso, dirigeante du plus important syndicat en Italie, la CGIL.
The CGIL, CISL, and UIL are affiliated with the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) and customarily coordinate their positions before confronting management or lobbying the government.
Solo la CGIL (brazo sindical del Partido Comunista) rechazo la ley.
Susanna Camusso, secretary of the powerful CGIL union, called on other worker federations to close ranks against the plan, which includes a commitment to raise the retirement age and steps to make it easier for firms to lay off staff.
The working group on advocacy for work in music library and the profession (Osservatorio lavoro) improved contact with Abbracciamo la cultura (We embrace culture), a coalition of the professional associations of the cultural environment assisted by the major Italian union CGIL.