CGIMConference on Computer Graphics and Imaging (IASTED International Conference)
CGIMComputer Graphics and Interactive Media
CGIMComputers Graphics and Imaging (International Association of Science and Technology for Development)
CGIMCredit Guarantee and Investment Mechanism (Asian Development Bank; Philippines)
CGIMClosing the Gap on Infant Mortality (South Carolina)
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The Chennareddy inequality measure (Chennareddy, 2006), CGIM, provides more variation and is consistent with the Gini coefficient (website quoted in the references list) and Theil's entropy measure (Thiel, 1967) and is easily computable, comprehensible, and more readable than the other two measures.
The first inequality measure is CGIM (Chennareddy Group Inequality Measure, Chennareddy, 2006, 2008a, 2008b) based on percentages of total income and percentages of total population in "n" income groups.
The CGIM was computed for the distribution of income for 2004 using 5 income groups of each state and the District of Columbia, based on statistics from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which provides total adjusted income and total number of exemptions in each income group.
Table 1 shows CGIM (Chennareddy Group Inequality Measure or Z), GINI index Measure, and Theil's Entropy Measure by state and the District of Columbia.
Although, three sets of regression equations were estimated, using the CGIM (or Z), Gini Index, and the Theil's Entropy inequality measures as independent variables for these 16 social indicator measures, the coefficients in a quadratic equation with or without intercept (or constant), using the CGIM as independent variable, were statistically significantly different from zero in all the 16 regression equations.
Thus, the 16 estimated regression equations (quadratic form), using the CGIM as the independent variable, are reported in table 2.
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The CGIM portfolio includes 13 properties located in four states (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Mississippi) with a resident capacity of approximately 1,600.
The acquisition of CGIM will accelerate Capital's business plan to grow through acquisitions and additional management assignments," stated Lawrence A.