CGIPSCertificate in Global Investment Performance Standards (now Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement)
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CFA Institute developed the CGIPS program to meet the industry's demands for a professional credential for qualified investment performance practitioners.
The CGIPS program is a direct response to the investment performance community's growing demand for professional excellence," explained Philip Lawton, CFA, director of the CGIPS program.
CFA Institute recognizes the value and flexibility that online learning adds, and we are pleased to be playing such a pivotal role in the launch of the new CGIPS program," explained Nat Kannan, Chairman and CEO of VCampus.
CFA Institute, which for more than 40 years has managed and administered the rigorous CFA Program, will offer two sequential levels of examination toward the CGIPS designation: Principles and Expert.
Interested candidates may view a free, 30-minute Webcast on the CGIPS program at https://www.
A vital element of the CGIPS program is the formation of the CGIPS Advisory Council, whose role will be to represent the stakeholders' interests.
The five members of the CGIPS Advisory Council are:
A key objective of the CGIPS certification program is to professionalize the field of investment performance evaluation and presentation by recognizing its status as an expert domain, improving standards of practice, and rewarding individual achievement," said Bob Johnson, CFA, managing director of the CFA Program Division, which will oversee the CGIPS program.
Johnson added that CGIPS is truly intended to be a specialist designation and not a replacement for the CFA program.