CGLICity and Guilds of London Institute
CGLICommercial General Liability Insurance (business protection)
CGLIConnecticut General Life Insurance Company (now CIGNA; Philadelphia, PA)
CGLICouncil of Great Lakes Industries (Ann Arbor, MI)
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These strengths are partially offset by CGLI and CGLIB's limited operating profiles, high ratio of intangible assets to capital, reliance on reinsurance and the risks to their business profile associated with potential changes to international tax law.
100) Guildhall Library, CGLI MS 21,838 contains detailed accounts of annual balances of income and expenditure.
See, for example, Guildhall Library, CGLI, MS 21, 816, Minutes of Council, July 9th, 1884 in which Bramwell, noting the unhappiness of the Clothworkers and Drapers over various matters, urges a common front.
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For the Drapers' letter of resignation see, Guildhall Library, CGLI, MS 21,816, Minutes of Council, May 2nd, 1888.
119) Consultation had begun after the founding of the CGLI in 1878.
See Guildhall Library, CGLI MS21822/4 Minutes of Sub-Committee D (technical examinations).
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