CGLICConnecticut General Life Insurance Company (a Cigna company)
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Furthermore, there are risks associated in transitioning the existing business from CGLIC to CHLIC.
The "negative" outlook reflects the rating outlook of CHLIC's intermediate parent, CGLIC, AM Best elaborated.
The affirmations of CIGNA and its subsidiaries reflect the consolidated organization's earnings, as CGLIC improved significantly over the last two years with a return on revenue exceeding 8% in 2009 and 2010, compared to slightly over 2% in 2008.
Best is concerned that the recently increased financial leverage at CIGNA may put pressure on CGLIC and other subsidiaries through higher dividend demands.
The benefits provided to the Class under this settlement also include $35 million in future adjustments CGLIC will make to a group of policies which were impacted by adjustments the Company made to recover the cost of the "DAC Tax.