CGLRConsultative Group on Locust Research (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN)
CGLRCode Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (Japanese anime series)
CGLRConference on the Great Lakes Region
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The two CGLR launch conference speakers who focused their remarks on the advantages of natural gas, downplayed environmentalist's concerns with the negative impacts of horizontal hydraulic fracturing.
Although not the subject of the CGLR panel discussion, consideration of energy choices in the North American Great Lakes region must, at least from a Canadian perspective, also take seriously the role of the Alberta oil sands, a magnet for controversy in Canada-United States relations in 2013 due to the Keystone XL pipeline proposal, (25) and a key component of any discussions of Canadian energy strategy.
1) CGLR Brochure, Council of the Great Lakes Region, http://councilgreatlakesregion .