CGMMVCucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus
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CGMMV can appear as mosaic-like mottling in leaves and fruit and symptoms include rotting, yellowing or dirty-red discolouring of the internal fruit.
Growers will be required to have an auditable farm biosecurity plan in place for each property to manage the risk of spreading CGMMV and will be encouraged to only use seeds which have been tested in accordance with national seed testing guidelines.
This study aims to identification and characterization of CGMMV virus that was found infecting bottle gourd and watermelon grown in Riyadh and Hail regions, Saudi Arabia.
One sample of CGMMV positive samples from each region isolated from bottle gourd and watermelon were homogenized in a mortar separately, after adding potassium phosphate buffer (0.
Five samples out of twelve CGMMV ELISA positive samples showing sever mottling and varying degree of mosaic were chosen as representative of the two main crops in Riyadh and Hail regions for molecular characterization.
Nucleotide Sequence and Analysis of CP Gene of the Saudi Isolates of CGMMV
The determined sequences of CGMMV isolates were subjected to a Blast-W search for comparison 25 previously reported CGMMV sequences, one of each of CFMMV, ZGMMV and KGMMV isolates at the GenBank databases as shown in Table 1.
From Riyadh and Hail regions, twelve samples were detected to be positive by DAS-ELISA and five showing sever mottling and varying degree of mosaic were confirmed to be CGMMV positive by RT-PCR and nucleotide sequence.
The RT-PCR amplified product (400 bp) of CGMMV-CP from all five isolates infecting with CGMMV isolated from bottle gourd (SA-B1 and SA-B2), watermelon (SA-W1) plants, in Riyadh regions (lane 1, 2 and 3), CGMMV isolated from bottle gourd (SA-B3) and watermelon (SA- W2) plants lanes (4 and 5) in Hail regions were obtained by using specific primer for CGMMV-CP gene, but no amplification from uninfected bottle gourd plants (lane 6) (Fig.
Generation of cDNA Probe and Dot Blot Hybridization for Detection of CGMMV
A cDNA probe for CGMMV was synthesized using the 106 and 105 primer pair.
The DNA nucleotide sequences for the partial CP gene of the five Saudi CGMMV isolates from bottle gourd and watermelon plants from Riyadh and Hail regions have been determined.