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cGMPCurrent Good Manufacturing Practice
cGMPCyclic Guanosine Monophosphate
cGMPCisco Group Management Protocol
cGMPCertified Government Meeting Professional
cGMPCranfield General Management Programme (UK)
cGMPConfident Girl Mentoring Program Inc. (est. 2016; Buffalo, NY)
cGMPCercle Généalogique de Maine et Perche (French: Maine and Perche Genealogy Circle)
cGMPCentre Généalogique du Midi-Provence (French: South-Provence Genealogical Center; est. 1970)
cGMPComprehensive Growth Management Plan
cGMPClinical Good Manufacturing Practices (USDA)
cGMPConference Generale des Poids et Mesures (French: General Conference of Weights and Measures)
cGMPCache Group Management Protocol
cGMPCertified Global Management Practitioner (professional designation)
cGMPComprehensive Generic Monitoring Plan
cGMPCisco Group Message Protocol
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Upon completion of this inspection, WuXi Biologics said it will have the first cGMP biologics DS facility, the first cGMP biologics DP facility and the first cGMP cell banking facility in China to be approved by the EMA for commercial manufacturing.
The second item of note is the Medical Device cGMP requirements do not contain a directive for retesting approved components.
Even though nonconformity is not included in the definitions section of the pharmaceutical cGMP regulation, in my experience, it is used in practice.
Effect of Ang-(1-7) on Levels of Nitrites and cGMP in Corpus Cavernosum of Control and Diabetic Rats.
To gain an understanding of the importance of company responsibilities regarding CGMPs for OTC drugs in the U.S.
Built specifically for material management with Warehouse manager and Warehouse Operator roles, training time is minimal and affords small companies a way to get their foot in the cGMP compliance and cutting-edge paperless manufacturing doors.
In order to ensure accurate assessment of botanicals and compliance with cGMP requirements, botanical, macroscopic and organoleptic analysis needs to be performed by a trained expert and samples should be compared to a voucher specimen.
Highly water soluble, light in color and essentially odorless, Lonzagard BKC cGMP Benzalkonium Chloride can be used in product formulations for consumer hand soaps, non-alcohol hand sanitizers, healthcare hand washes and sanitizing wipes.
Evidence indicates that cGMP plays a role in regulating dependency and opioid withdrawal (Mo, Leung, & Yung, 2005), and, in fact, cGMP activity (and content) was reduced in opioid-dependent and withdrawal brains (Askew & Charalampous, 1976; Bhargava & Cao, 1997; Javadi et al., 2013; Mo et al., 2005; Peregud, Iakovleva, Stepanichev, Panchenko, & Guliaeva, 2013).
(APi) is a full-service peptide development and manufacturing company headquartered at our cGMP peptide manufacturing facility in North Augusta, SC.
Organisee par l'antenne regionale sud de la CGMP, avec le concours de la Chambre de commerce et d'industrie CCI-Oasis, la rencontre a regroupe les entreprises et les representants de diverses instances et administrations publiques d'Ouargla.
Qualitatively, exposure to light in both rods and cones causes a decrease in intracellular cGMP concentration ([cGMP];), which in turn causes the closure of the cGMP-gated channel expressed in the plasma membrane of outer segment, the light-sensitive portion of vertebrate photoreceptors, and eventually produces hyperpolarization.