CGOPCooperative Group Outreach Program (clinical trials)
CGOPCollege of Graduate and Outreach Programs (James Madison University; Harrisonburg, VA)
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As measures of pre-CCOP clinical trials experience, this study uses (1) the number of patients enrolled by CCOP physicians in a cooperative group's clinical trials, through the CGOP and other programs, in the year prior to the CCOP-I award, and (2) a ratio of the number of physicians in the CCOP who enrolled patients in a cooperative group's clinical trials in pre-CCOP years to all physicians listed in the CCOP's cooperative agreement application.
001) suggests that CCOP physicians are more likely to seek (and receive) early committee appointments when they have established accrual track records with the cooperative group through the CGOP and other pre-CCOP relationships.
The CGOP program is similar in intent to the CCOP program but it does not require the formal organization of component hospitals and physician group practices found in the latter program.