CGPRCalcitonin Gene Related Peptide (molecular biology)
CGPRCenter for Geotechnical Practice and Research (Blacksburg, VA)
CGPRCenter for Globalization and Policy Research (est. 2000; School of Public Affairs; University of California, Los Angeles)
CGPRCanadian Genealogical Projects Registry (est. 1998)
CGPRCognizant Government Plant Representative
CGPRCape Girardeau Paranormal Research (Missouri)
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About CGPR: CGPR is a boutique public relations firm that works primarily with companies in the consumer, general sports, outdoor, travel and winter sports categories.
Consequently, the CGPR is not weighted for acuity in the automated system.
At present, however, since the availability and accuracy of such data are questionable, they were not incorporated into the first phase of CGPR system implementation.
At one level, the CGPR is the same as HPPD; both match demand for nursing care to supply.
On the supply side, caregiver hours are disaggregated by skill mix to yield separate values of CGPR for RNs, LPNs, and other assistive personnel.
However, there are some important differences between the CGPR and the HPPD.
The derived HPPD is the CGPR (computed hourly) times 24.
The CGPR or derived HPPD for Unit C increases markedly in the 1st shift relative to that in the other two shifts.
The deprived HPPD is the CGPR (computed hourly) times 24.
The derived HPPD represents the CGPR (computed hourly) times 24.
The CGPR is an automated system that was designed as a data repository that nurse managers can query through a series of predesigned reports.
A bar graph of unweighted (not weighted for acuity) CGPR (see Figure 1).