CGQCorporate Governance Quotient
CGQCentre de Géomatique du Québec (French: Quebec Geomatics Center; Quebec, Canada)
CGQCentre Géoscientifique de Québec (French: Quebec Geoscience Center; Quebec, Canada)
CGQCorona Guitar Quartet (Netherlands)
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CGQ is a US financial technology company, which offers solutions for market analysis, charting and electronic trading.
Although we are primarily interested in a summary governance measure that captures the overall strength of corporate governance, we also examine separately the four components of the CGQ index: 1) board of directors, 2) audit, 3) antitakeover, and 4) managerial compensation and ownership.
With respect to the independent variable of interest, CGQ obtained positive and significant coefficients at 1% in five of the six specifications employed.
Table 1 Summary Statistics of the Variables used in This Study Board Index CGQ Industry CGQ Subscore--Index 2005 Mean 71.
As a result, the failure of the Anti-Director Rights Index, the Anti-Self-Dealing Index, and the CGQ system to properly take into account the relationship between ownership structure and corporate governance substantially undermines the indices' ability to serve as effective metrics for the governance quality of firms or countries worldwide.
Among the veins examined and named were the Bonanza, Steadman and Pinkerton veins (on what became the CGQ mine), the Black Jack on upper Williams Creek, Proserpine on Proserpine Mountain, and Aurum on Island Mountain.
CGQ is a ranking system designed to assist institutional investors in evaluating the quality of corporate boards and the impact its governance practices may have on performance.
Additionally, CGQ scores will be frozen and the high-level GRId ratings will be available on Yahoo
CGQ (Centre de geomatique du Quebec) declared that it has purchased ING Robotic Aviation's Responder robotic aircraft system as a tool for aerial data acquisition.
The CGQ currently covers approximately 7500 companies and is based on approximately 65 criteria for U.
The Board's Corporate Governance Quotient (CGQ) score is a "2" - the second-lowest ranking given by ISS - and its CGQ ranking in comparison to its peers is 17.