CGRICommissariat Général aux Relations Internationales (French: General Commissariat for International Relations; Belgium)
CGRICanadian Gas Research Institute
CGRICornell Gerontology Research Institute (Cornell University; New York)
CGRICommanding General's Readiness Inspection (USMC)
CGRIComputer Games Research Institute (Shizuoka University; Japan)
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CGRI is organized around a philosophy of multidisciplinary collaboration among scientists with basic or applied research interests.
For the past 10 years, CGRI has been funded through a grant from the NIH National Institute on Aging, and this past fall the grant was extended for another five years.
It is critical that CGRI continues to develop and expand its ties to the Weill Cornell Medical Center.
One of the fundamental ideas of CGRI is the need to test interventions and programs scientifically before they are disseminated, so that rigorous testing can show that the programs work.
Pillemer says that he ultimately wants to know that the aging programs developed by CGRI work better than no interventions, work better than other options that currently exist, and do no harm.
The scientists at CGRI have a responsibility not only to do the science but also to do some of the research in field settings where people actually live and work and to assure that research findings are translated into meaningful, useful information.
Using research about communication problems that affect staff and family relationships in nursing homes, researchers at CGRI designed a model intervention program that trained staff members and family members of residents at 24 nursing homes in New York State.