CGRNCertified Gastroenterology Registered Nurse
CGRNCendant Global Referral Network
CGRNChurch Growth Resource Network
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a) Moldanubicum-GPS epoch sites PEKL, PAVL, BENE and CGRN Horni Cerkev site,
GPS epoch sites SEDL, SPAL and CGRN Habry site, and
25 Rx) 6:30-9:00 Council on Advanced Practice--Annual Event and Social hour (no host) and Dinner Meeting SATURDAY, October 6, 2007 7:00- REGISTRATION 7:30 am Light Breakfast 7:30-8:45 PLENARY SESSION: Laryl Riley RN, MSN, RNP, CGRN (75 min) Differentiation and Treatment of Functional Bowel Disorders 2007 (CH 1.
The stations of the geodynamic network are situated on the mountain ridges in the upper altitude instead of the stations of the CGRN, which can cause turnover of the scale factor of the gravimeters owing to the big measured gravity differences.
And, for independent brokers outside our family of brands, the CGRN should represent another compelling reason to affiliate with one our three franchise systems.
Beverly Greenwald, PhD, MSN, RN, CNS, CGRN, is an Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND.
Ben Vernon, MD, President of the Colorado Medical Society; Jennifer Hensley, CNM, EdD, Chapter Chair, ACNM Region V; Fran Ricker, MSN, RN, CGRN, Executive Director, Colorado Nurses Association; Cheryl Blankemeier, CRNA, Chair, State Government Affairs, Colorado Association of Nurse Anesthetists; Tay Kopanos, RN, Colorado Society of Advanced Practice Nurses; Fred Miles, JD, Miles & Peters Attorneys at Law, counsel for Colorado Association of Nurse Anesthetists; and, Kari Hershey, JD, counsel for the Colorado Medical Society.
Fran Ricker, RN, MSN, CGRN, Executive Director of Colorado Nurses Association, gave a sneak preview of the video "Advanced Practice Nurses: Keeping Colorado Strong.
Tay Kopanos, DNP, FNP, RN & Fran Ricker, RN, MSN, CGRN
as well as Fran Ricker, RN, MSN, CGRN, our current Executive Director.
Fran Ricker, MSN, RN, CGRN was excited to attend convention and meet you all this year.
I heartily welcome your new Executive Director, Fran Ricker, RN, MSN, CGRN.