CGRSCenter for Gender and Refugee Studies (University of California; Hastings College of Law)
CGRSCertified Genealogical Records Specialist
CGRSCertified Genealogical Record Searcher
CGRSCoast Guard Radio Station (Canada)
CGRSCommon Geographic Reference System
CGRSCommon Grid Reference System
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This Directorate, created in the sphere of SESu, was structured in articulation with others that already existed in MEC, like CGRS and the Department for the Regulation and Supervision of Higher Education (Seres).
A CGRS report noted that "widespread impunity remains the norm" in the triangle, where courts resolve less than 3% of the reported femicide cases.
KIND and CGRS, 82; see generally Ramirez, McKenna, and Somers.
Selon la CGRS, l'armee fait usage de son artillerie lourde et de ses chars contre le quartier de Yarmouk (sud) et d'autres enclaves rebelles.
Meanwhile, the network of activists of the General Commission of the Syrian revolution (CGRS) spoke about serious humanitarian situation faced by the inhabitants of these two localties.
Green, "Joint Fires Support, the Joint Fires Element, and the CGRS [Common Grid Reference System]: Keys to Success for CSJOTF-West," Special Warfare, April 2005.
The field is divided between Fitch and Moody's, with CGRS, doing some of the odd, smaller ratings.
(32) Center for Gender and Refugee Studies, University of California, Hastings College of Law, "Guatemala's Femicide and the Ongoing Struggle for Women's Human Rights" Update of the CGRS 2005 Report "Getting Away with Murder" September 2006, p.
They have included the Coordinating Group for Religion and Society (CGRS), an ecumenical Buddhist and Christian human rights organization; the Thai Inter-religious Commission for Development (TICD) that has sought to encourage Buddhist student associations to participate in social service and social change programs, to act as a bridge between rural and urban sectors of society, and to promote educational projects for children in slum areas; and the Santi (Peace), Pracha (Democratic) Institute (SPDI).
The most reliable source of information on the IJ- and BIA-level adjudications is the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies (CGRS) at Hastings College of Law, which provides legal advice and advocacy services for attorneys representing asylum applicants.