CGSEConsultative Group on Smaller Economies
CGSECaravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble
CGSECommon Ground Support Equipment
CGSECollege and Graduate School of Education (various universities)
CGSECouncil of Graduate Students in Education (University of Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh, PA)
CGSEClassical Guitar Society of Evansville (Indiana)
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The CGSe samples were synthesized according to the literature methods [24].
Na-ion storage properties of CGSe were evaluated using CR2032 coin-type half batteries.
The CGSe crystallizes in the cubic space group Im-3.
In open-framework CGSe, the 3D interconnected channels are constructed with the anionic selenide framework [[Cu.sub.8][Ge.sub.6][Se.sub.19]].sup.6-] and disordered charge-balanced species [([C.sub.5][H.sub.12]N).sup.+] [21, 24].
To explore the potential application of CGSe as SIB anode, we evaluated the electrochemical performances with the cyclic voltammetry (CV) and galvanostatic charge/discharge tests.
In the following two cycles, the almost-overlapped charge/discharge curves as well as the high CE indicate the good reversible properties of CGSe, which should result from the unique morphology and structure of open-framework CGSe.
In conclusion, the crystalline CGSe open-framework material was successfully prepared using a simple solvothermal method.
Caption: Figure 1: (a) XRD patterns and (b) HRTEM image of CGSe.
(b) View of the CGSe framework along the ab direction.
Thus there would be no need for the systems of CGSE units, CGSM units and the Gaussian units.
CGSE courses are taught in A Semester (March) and B Semester (July).