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CGTCapital Gains Tax
CGTCarrera GT (Porsche)
CGTConfédération Générale du Travail (French Labor Union)
CGTConfederación General del Trabajo (Spanish: Federation of Trade Unions)
CGTConfederação Geral dos Trabalhadores (Portuguese: General Confederation of Workers; Brazil)
CGTComputer Graphics Technology
CGTCentral Geral dos Trabalhadores (Brazil)
CGTCombinatorial Game Theory (mathematics)
CGTConfederación Nacional del Trabajo (Spanish Labour Union)
CGTCompensated Gross Tons (ship's capacity measure)
CGTCommissariat Général au Tourisme
CGTConfédération Générale des Travailleurs (French: labor union)
CGTCompagnie Générale Transatlantique
CGTCummins Generator Technologies
CGTCombustion Gas Turbine
CGTCompagnie Générale Transaérienne (French airline)
CGTConventional Gait Training
CGTCeramide Glucosyltransferase
CGTChurch Growth Today
CGTCertified Gastroenterology Technician
CGTCommunications Graphic Technology (certificate program)
CGTCanada and Gulf Terminal Railway Company
CGTComputer Generated Threat
CGTCommandement du Groupement de Transport (French: Group Transport Command)
CGTCode Generation Tool (computing)
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Hence, over time, CGT rates have tended to fluctuate, often widely.
Glickman noted that more information about complicated grief and training in CGT is available at www.
About 200 protesters, most wearing bright-colored CGT jackets, mobbed the station as a locomotive carrying the Euro soccer trophy arrived, a Reuters reporter at the scene said.
About 200 protesters, most wearing bright-coloured CGT jackets, mobbed the station as a locomotive carrying the Euro footballtrophy arrived, a Reuters reporter at the scene said.
Although Nairobi may lose investors to other economies, the government claims the CGT will earn the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Sh7.
relief from CGT if the property is your main home), if they meet the '90 day rule' i.
THE CGT duly calls on parliament to approve the salary scale and that the Price Index Committee must abide by the law when pricing commodities.
With effect from April 6 the basic exemption for CGT is PS11,000 per person (increasing to PS11,100 in April 2015).
The CGT union was hoping to continue to garner support at Gonfreville and La Mede.
En el presente trabajo se estudia el caso de la CGT "disidente" en el periodo que va del mes de diciembre de 2001, especificamente desde el paro general del 13 de diciembre, al paro general con movilizacion convocado por dicha organizacion el 22 de mayo de 2002.
He said that the capital gains tax (CGT) will be implemented on the all three stock exchanges from the next week after the CGT rules would be notified by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) after which the National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL) would start deducing the tax.
The market was bullish after the revised CGT was signed by the President.