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CGTCapital Gains Tax
CGTCarrera GT (Porsche)
CGTConfédération Générale du Travail (French Labor Union)
CGTConfederación General del Trabajo (Spanish: Federation of Trade Unions)
CGTConfederação Geral dos Trabalhadores (Portuguese: General Confederation of Workers; Brazil)
CGTComputer Graphics Technology
CGTCentral Geral dos Trabalhadores (Brazil)
CGTCombinatorial Game Theory (mathematics)
CGTConfederación Nacional del Trabajo (Spanish Labour Union)
CGTCompensated Gross Tons (ship's capacity measure)
CGTCommissariat Général au Tourisme
CGTConfédération Générale des Travailleurs (French: labor union)
CGTCompagnie Générale Transatlantique
CGTCummins Generator Technologies
CGTCombustion Gas Turbine
CGTCompagnie Générale Transaérienne (French airline)
CGTConventional Gait Training
CGTCeramide Glucosyltransferase
CGTChurch Growth Today
CGTCertified Gastroenterology Technician
CGTCommunications Graphic Technology (certificate program)
CGTCanada and Gulf Terminal Railway Company
CGTComputer Generated Threat
CGTCommandement du Groupement de Transport (French: Group Transport Command)
CGTCode Generation Tool (computing)
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Some cite the example of Mauritius, one of Kenya's main rivals in this endeavour, which deliberately avoided imposing CGT on shares.
The CGT and another union have also called for a one-day strike on Thursday.
In these circumstances, CGT exemption on the sale of larger grounds would need to be negotiated with HMRC.
The CGT urged workers to remain put to escalate, go on the picket and demonstrate against the VAT, the CGT concluded.
If you end up paying CGT you're doing well because, by definition, you're making pretty good gains.
But even if they sign, now we're near shutdown, we want to continue," a CGT official said, adding a vote would be held around 2000 GMT in the two plants.
From April 2015, non-UK residents will have to pay CGT on property in Britain, including selling of that property.
The FBR will publish the draft CGT rules for the information of all persons and draft will be taken into consideration after 15 days of its publication in the official Gazette.
You do not have to pay CGT if you're selling or passing personal belongings that are worth less than pounds 6,000, or if you give assets to a registered charity.
The main CGT union, meanwhile, said it would call for an open-ended strike in France's power sector from October 12th.
However, he hastened to add that tax authorities would not harass the stock market investors in this regard viz-a-viz CGT.
Many landlords feared that a sharper rise in CGT would deter new landlords from entering the buy-to-let sector and affect the future supply of rented housing, especially at a time when the UK is experiencing a housing shortage.