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CGTPConfederación General de Trabajadores del Perú (Spanish: Peru Workers Union)
CGTPConfederação Geral dos Trabalhadores Portugueses
CGTPCurrent Good Tissue Practice
CGTPCenter for Geometry and Theoretical Physics
CGTPConfédération Générale des Travailleurs du Pérou (French: Peru Workers Union)
CGTPCabrini-Green Tutoring Program (Chicago, IL)
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The strike called by the CGTP and the UGT union was the fourth general strike faced by Passos Coelho since he became prime minister in 2011.
According to local media reports, Portuguese Education Minister Nuno Crato had held talks with representatives from CGTP and UGT, urging them to put the students' interests first and cancel their strikes scheduled on Monday, June 24 and 28, the exam days in the country.
Jornal de Noticias+ releve pour sa part que contrairement a la CGTP, proche du parti communiste, qui exige la demission du gouvernement et l'organisation d'elections anticipees, l'UGT, liee au Parti socialiste, ne reclame pas une chute de l'executif mais un changement de la politique qu'il impose.
CGTP secretary general Armenio Carlos called for unity among all those hit by the policy.
The 700,000-strong CGTP union, which refused to sign a pact on labour market reforms required under a 78-billion euro EU/IMF bailout this year, rallied across Portugal under the slogan "Against exploitation and impoverishment, for a policy change".
SL se infiltro en la marcha de los trabajadores que se realizaba en la plaza Dos de Mayo e intento dinamitar el local de la CGTP y asesinar al secretario general del Partido Comunista Peruano--Unidad Jorge del Prado, lo que provoco un enfrentamiento entre ambos grupos (CVR, 2003, tomo III, p.
The country's main unions, the UGT and CGTP, hope their action will be the most effective in two decades.
The mobilisation of workers is enormous," said Manuel Carvalho da Silva, the head of the major CGTP syndicate.
Portugal's biggest union, the CGTP, has called for a general strike which is scheduled to last for 24 hours on 24 November 2010.
Although general strikes have often been called by all the union confederations in a particular country, some general strikes were staged only by the communist confederation: CGT (France), CGIL (Italy), CGTP (Portugal), and CC.
The standard operating procedures (SOP) provisions include the following: (1) receiving, investigating, evaluating, and documenting information relating to core CGTP requirements, including complaints, and for sharing information with consignees and other establishments; (2) to meet core CGTP for all steps performed in the manufacture of HCT/P; (3) facility cleaning and sanitization; (4) cleaning, sanitizing, and maintenance of equipment; (5) calibration of equipment; (6) validation of changes to a process; (7) controls for labeling HCT/P; (8) distribution, and packaging and shipping of HCT/P; (9) suitable for return to inventory; (10) records management system; (11) system of HCT/P tracking; and (12) review, evaluation, and documentation of complaints.
50) The aspects covered by CGTP requirements range from "recovery" and donor screening to storage and distribution, (51) There are also exemptions made to this section of the regulation, but the establishment seeking such an exemption must separately apply for each and provide a proposed alternative.