CGWICChina Great Wall Industry Corporation
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Speaking on the occasion, official of the CGWIC said the project would further strengthen the space cooperation of the both countries.
sanctions lifted against CGWIC and --China Great Wall (transfers to Iran's G.
She discussed with the CGWIC officials Kuwait's government plans to launch a satellite.
With relatively lower labor costs, and propped up with government subsidies, the CGWIC offers very attractive launch fees to the international market.
Idris said, The IOT/CSM services agreement has been signed between NigComSat and CGWIC and work has since started.
The CGWIC is actively involved in the international marketing of products and services utilizing space technology and provides high quality products and specialised services in diversified fields.
sanctions lifted (transfers to Iran's against CGWIC and --China Great Wall military and other G.
The Tupac Katari satellite, or TKSat-1, named for the Indian leader who staged a rebellion against the Spanish Empire in the 18th century, was built by China Great Wall Industry Corporation, or CGWIC, an aerospace company that is a unit of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.
Executive Order On June 19, 2008, 13382 sanctions lifted --China Great Wall against CGWIC and Industry Corporation (transfers to Iran's G.
ALCO) (transfers to Iran's sanctions lifted --LIMMT Economic and military and other against CGWIC and Trade Company Ltd.
ALCO) On June 19, 2008, sanctions -LIMMT Economic and Trade lifted against CGWIC and G.
CGWIC vice-president He Xing said that the Nicasat-1satellite, which is valued at approximately USD 300 million, is slated for launch in 2016.