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CGYCalgary (Canada)
CGYCagayan de Oro, Philippines (Airport Code)
CGYCenter of Gravity (usually seen as CG)
CGYChicago Gay Youth (Chicago, IL)
CGYCertificado de Garantía Yasuní (Spanish: Yasuní Guarantee Certificate; Ecuador)
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The total dose of ICRT 21 Gy was given in 3 fractions, single fraction of 700 cGy a week.
The total dose for the six fields was 100 cGy, and total MU making up 100 MU was prescribed.
RT tedavi ozellikleri RT ozellikleri Median Minimum Maksimum RT fraksiyon doz (cGy) 200 180 200 GTV(mL) 125 8 806 PTV(mL) 516 163 2133 V5 akciger (mL) 1702 35 3518 V10 akciger (mL) 1266 16 2801 V20 akciger (mL) 986 4 1892 V30 akciger (mL) 766 1 1472 RT alan sayisi 3 2 7 RT: radyoterapi; GTV: Gros tumor volum; PTV: planlanan target volum; V5: akciger 5 Gy radyoterapi almis volumu; V10: akcigerin 10 Gy radyoterapi almis volumu; V20: akcigerin 20 Gy radyoterapi almis volumu; V30: akcigerin 30 Gy radyoterapi almis volumu Tablo 3.
The associated table shows the color map correlation with radiation dose in cGy.
Cell death leads to an increase in the cfDNA concentration in the medium; the concentration 20 min after irradiation with 10 cGy averaged 40 [+ or -] 5ng/ml.
The animals were randomly selected and divided into three groups: Group I contained control rats, Group II comprised rats which received radiation only, Group III had rats which received 30 mg/kg Vit E along with 0.5 mg/kg Se on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th day, and only Vit E on the 2nd and 4th day by intraperitoneal injection, followed by 1000 cGy single-dose abdominal radiation on the 6th day.
A monitor unit was calculated to deliver 100 cGy to the calculation point by the radiation planning system.
Total doses ranged between 800 and 1200 cGy. The dose on surface of the tumor in each session was 200cGy, and the dose at 2mm of depth was 68cGy, or 30.4% of the dose delivered on the surface.
Radiation with a total dosage of 2700 cGy in 10 fractions was given for ten days.
All the comparisons described below refer to the radiation dose recorded by the fluoroscopy device, expressed as the air kerma-area product ([P.sub.KA]; cGy [cm.sup.2]).
The patient was hospitalised for further management, and palliative radiotherapy (800 cGy, single fraction) was given to the involved vertebra along with monthly intravenous injections of zoledronate 4 mg.
En el analisis de la figura histografica realizado con el programa Mefisto[R], donde se midio la densidad en pixeles, se obtuvieron los siguientes resultados: en el tratamiento con iridio 192 con barrera de plomo de 2 mm, dosis de 300 cGy y un aplicador de contacto prescrito a 1,5 cm, se encontro un conteo de 123.160 pixeles con un minimo de 120 y un maximo de 220, cuyo promedio fue de 145,425 pixeles.