CH3COOHAcetic Acid (chemistry)
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The use of HCl 1M in the process of demineralization resulted averagely a higher collagen extract yield than CH3COOH 1M on the use of processing time of 48 hours and 96 hours.
1: Graph of the comparison of yields (%) of collagen extract produced from some combination treatments of demineralization process of broiler's bone Type Vs Demineralization Time CH3COOH 1 M, 48 h 4.
9 mmol, 80 %, 2) along with two drops of glacial CH3COOH was added to the reaction mixture which was stirred for 3-4 hours till completion of reaction monitored by the TLC.
Two drops of CH3COOH (glacial) and different acid halides (0.
1 and 1M) like HNO3, HCl, EDTA, CaCl2, KCl, NaHCO3 and CH3COOH was examined to recover nickel from biosorbed bacterial cells of the selected strain at 30[degrees]C and 150 rpm.
After zinc and nickel ions sorption, the biomass was filtered, washed three times with distilled water to remove residual nickel ions on the surface, and kept in contact with the 100 ml desorbent solution: HNO3, HCl, EDTA, CH3COOH and distilled water.
5 mmol alkyl benzene in CH3COOH /H2O (1/1: 20 ml) in a 50 ml round- bottomed flask equipped with a condenser and a magnetic stirrer.
Among the various back extraction solutions examined including HCl HNO3 H2SO4 and CH3COOH the highest sensitivity was obtained with the use of HNO3.
Reagent grade CH3COOH, HCl (37%) and NH4CH3COO, KCl , NaCH3COO, sodium tetraborate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, NH4Cl, ammonium solution, oxalic acid, sodium oxalate, citiric acid sodium citrate were purchased from E-Merck, Germany.