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CHABACommittee on Hearing, Bioacoustics, and Biomechanics for the National Academy of Sciences (NRC)
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The [IC.sub.50] of the crude ethanolic extract of Piper chaba Hunt.
Chaba is now headed toward Japan, where the ( meteorological agency issued warnings; some flights were cancelled.
Zied Gharssa, Sofia Sadek, Chaba Yamina ou encore Abdellah Menai pour ne citer que ceux la, ont chante durant plus de deux heures la fraternite, l'espoir et l'amour entre les deux peuples.
(1.) Bochabela and the fuller form Botchabatsatsi are the standard Sesotho terms for "East" (the root being the verb chaba, "to rise").
In: Muwati, Itai, Nhira Edgar Mberi, Emmanuel Chaba ta and Mildred Nkolola-Wakumelo (Eds.).
An exquisite range of treatments and ancient Thai healing therapies is offered at Chaba, the resort's herbal wellness retreat.
Another first-time mum who gave birth on Christmas Day was 31-yearold Klaudia Chaba who lives with husband Mariusz in Rugby.
Mansoor recorded 550 songs at the Radio Pakistan Multan and Bahawalpur, he said and added that " Ud wajn Kawain, Chaba Chorian da, Bochunn Doriye da, Teri sanwal aglai toor taan nai, Kahri Ghalti hoe aey zalim, Oobhay da wanjara aya and Methay meray chun waay" are his popular songs.
Johan van Niekerk and Johann van As are thanked for their companionship in the field, while Chaba Mokuku and David Moeti provided logistical support during the two projects.
The cap created a subsurface layer that ITOP tracked for 37 days until it was mixed into the surface layer by the passage of Typhoon Chaba on 28 October.
For the 5K, all participants who finish the race will be entered into a raffle to win a gift certificate donated by Millbury's Chaba Day Spa.