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CHACKChannel Acknowledge Signal
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According to police sources, Asif Ali of Chack No 86-75/10-R was returning home from market after collecting Rs 3 lakh of his cotton crop.
Skipper Raiza Palmera-Dy thinks the team has solid chemistry even as it tapped new players in Jack Danielle Animam, Chack Cabinbin, Ara Abaca and Janine Pontejos.
Chack 105-ML of Layyah on Sunday, she said evidences were being
Tenders are invited for sr of slyl replacement damaged fittings in gm and sm, prov.Yl sl in lakad mandi balagan, prov tl in pc baja chack and mr and painting of tower in pc baja chack khun khun kalan panchi kandi safdarpur alampur ghogra and rawan mc dasuya distt hoshiarpur
Those arrested were identified as Sudhir Sabir, Tahir Abbas,Shahid Imran, Akhtar, all residents of Kalas Sharif, Arif of Jhelum, Naeem and Nadeem of Chack 9-ML Colony, Adeel of Chinyot, Saddam Hussain of Harya village and Qaisar of Mandi Bahauddin.
The electricity will remain suspended on May 4 from 8am to 11 am from 66 KV feeder Pathan Kot for areas of Gula Pur, Hud, Taimoor Spining Mills, Kandiwal, Ahmed wala, Mangni, Chack Miana, Bhagtanwala, Talibwala and Matela.
Tenders are invited for Bifurcation Water Supply Scheme for village Dholewal and Vaido Chack MH-PC under Existing Water Supply Scheme Paharo Chack Block Gharota Distt Pathankot under World Bank PRWSSIP etc,,, Document cost : INR 100 EMD value : INR 31898 Document Purchase Start date : 02 Jan 2019 Document Purchase End date : 14 Jan 2019 Opening date : 15 Jan 2019 Period of contract : 4 month
The power supply will also be suspended on August, 9 Thursday in the areas of Galapur, Kandiwal, Chack Miana, Talibwala and Matila areas from 8am to 12 am.
The approved schemes include: sewerage system in adjacent areas of chack 79 NB, 9-kilometer road construction schemes from Canal Bridge to Pull Wan Minwali, 11.75 km road construction from Wan Bhachran to Sheikh Ahli, 6.22 Km road from Hassan Abad to Karlowala district Bhakkar.
Tenders are invited for Jamilpur me baijnath ke chack se munnilal ke chack tak khadanja karya
The electricity will also remained suspended in the areas of Gunyanwal, Eidgah road, University road, Chack Miana, and Baab e JHaram on December 7.