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BEIRUT: "The Visit," the latest exhibition at Galerie Tanit by Chafa Ghaddar, blends contemporary art practices and fresco techniques in a series of 23 abstract paintings.
servicemembets at Camp Bilate regularly deliver fresh fruit and bottled water to local villagers like this family at the village of Chafa. Their grass hut, supported by a dome-shaped frame of woven sticks, took six months to build.
Si yo tengo buenas escenas en Manzanillo y la historia esta "chafa", a la gente no le va a importar que esta en Manzanillo, y digo Manzanillo como digo Acapulco; lo que importa es la propia historia, que lo que suceda ahi sea interesante.
Wilt reaction Line/cultivar Race 1 [CS-27.sub.700] [UBC-170.sub.550] Annigeri R/S(a)/S(b) - + BG-212 R - + C-104 S + - CA188178(**) R + + CPS-1 R - + Cadu 54(**) M + + Chafa S + + DZ-10-4(**) M + + ICC-14093(**) S + - ICCV-4 R - + ICCV-5 R + + JG-62 S + + JG-74 R - + K 850 R/S(a)/R(b) - + L-550 S + - P-2445 S + + PV-60(**) S + - Shanho(**) S + + Sonora(*) R - + Surutato 77(*) R - + UC-5(*) X + - WR-315 R - + WR-350 X - + 12-071/10054 R + +
Six travailleurs affectes sur 7 chantiers repartis sur les communes cotieres de Tigzirt (3 chantiers) et a Ait Chafa et Azeffoun avec deux chantiers chacune, soit 8 travailleurs par chantier, sont a pied d'œuvre pour preparer, en collaboration avec les services des communes precitees, la saison estivale dans la wilaya de Tizi Ouzou.
In the year Lord Lugard was replaced as Governor of Northern Nigeria by Percy Girouard (Kirk-Greene 1984: 220-5), the Tiv came under the administration of a new Resident, the experienced Captain Upton FitzHerbert Ruxton (Akiga's 'Chafa Rokson'), who had been political officer to the first 'Munshi Expedition' and also served briefly in the Royal Niger Constabulary, and of his Assistant Resident, Captain Charles Forbes Gordon (Akiga's 'Chafa Godi').
In a ceremony held at Beirut Exhibition Center Saturday, organizers announced that this year's prize winners were visual artist Chafa Ghaddar, fashion designer Nour Hage and calligrapher Carla Salem.