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CHAIDChi-Squared Automatic Interaction Detector (market segmentation technique)
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Riesgo Estimacion Error tipico 0,285 0,022 Metodo de crecimiento: CHAID. Variable dependiente: asignatura para septiembre.
CHAID analysis was conducted to provide a more granular understanding of the influence of consumer demographics upon response.
During creation of 'decision tree' using the net profit margin as dependent variable, it was shown that the best method is CHAID method.
They showed that, while the results when compared with NRS results were satisfactory overall, some fine-tuning of the CHAID solutions was still necessary.
CHAID analysis was performed to construct weighting cells for the weighting adjustment using design variables (region and district size) and some auxiliary variables from the QED.
CHAID analysis constructs tree-like hierarchical relationships among variables.
"The lifetime value of donors: Gaining insight through CHAID".
To investigate how students' characteristics and experiences affect satisfaction, this study used regression and decision-tree analysis with the CHAID algorithm to analyze student opinion data from a sample of 1,783 college students.
Some classification tree programs, such as FACT (Fast and Accurate Classification Tree) (Loh & Vanichestakul, 1988), THAID (Theta Automatic Interaction Detection) (Morgan & Messenger, 1973) and related programs such as AID (automatic interaction detection); Morgan & Sonquist, 1963) and CHAID (chi-square automatic interaction detection) (Kass, 1980) perform multilevel splits, rather than a single or binary split when computing classification trees.
At the root of these are statistical methods ranging from classification trees, like CHAID, to regression models to neural networks.