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CHAINChina HIV/AIDS Information Network
CHAINCommunity Health and Information Network (UK)
CHAINCommunity Health Action Information Network (Florida, USA)
CHAINChildren's HIV/AIDS Network (South Africa)
CHAINContact, Help, Advice, Information, Network for Effective Health Care (database)
CHAINComputerized Head-End Access Information Network
CHAINComprehensive HIV/AIDS Information Network (Oklahoma)
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While the tumult was at its height, and each masquerader attentive only to his own safety (for, in fact, there was much real danger from the pressure of the excited crowd), the chain by which the chandelier ordinarily hung, and which had been drawn up on its removal, might have been seen very gradually to descend, until its hooked extremity came within three feet of the floor.
"That is a chain of galley slaves, on the way to the galleys by force of the king's orders."
Presently they came in contact with a small chain at the end of which dangled a number of keys.
As landmarks they guided themselves by the summits of the far distant mountains, which they supposed to belong to the Bighorn chain. They were gradually rising into a higher temperature, for the weather was cold for the season, with a sharp frost in the night, and ice of an eighth of an inch in thickness.
In a narrow little fissure, just within reach of my forefinger, I felt the chain. Attempting, next, to follow it, by touch, in the direction of the quicksand, I found my progress stopped by a thick growth of seaweed--which had fastened itself into the fissure, no doubt, in the time that had elapsed since Rosanna Spearman had chosen her hiding-place.
Give that gold chain, and I will sing it you again.'
When he should stoop over me I had but to grasp his throat with one hand and strike him a terrific blow with the slack of my chain, which I gripped firmly in my right hand for the purpose.
Poor Harry's gone, and we don't know what he can do.--Take off the chain."
Hain't we got to saw the leg of Jim's bed off, so as to get the chain loose?"
Again the rat charged and as Turan stepped quickly back to avoid the menacing jaws, something seemed to jerk suddenly upon his right ankle, and as he drew his left foot back to regain his equilibrium his heel caught upon a taut chain and he fell heavily backward to the floor just as the rat leaped upon his breast and sought his throat.
It proved to be a silver chain with a blue enamel locket on it, marked for Emma Jane.
After passing over the first chain of mountains we skirted a salt sea, upon whose bosom swam countless horrid things.