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CHALChemistry and the Law (American Chemical Society)
CHALChristian Health Association of Liberia
CHALCentre Hospitalier Anna-Laberge (French: Anna-Laberge Hospital Center; Quebec, Canada; est. 2001)
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Caption: Members of Chal Rang De (Let's give colour) aims to transform the face of the city and turn urban slums into art canvases.
We've learned from the most successful parts of the London and Manchester chal lenges and delivered something speci-cally tailored for our young people in Wales.
I'm honored to be an active member of ACS as well as the CHAL Division and look forward to my continued work with ACS.”
Dr Kelly died in 2003, after he was named as the source of repor ts chal lenging the Government's evidence on Iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction.
Despite its closeness to Pamporovo and its slopes, Chepelare started developing its own ski centre decades ago in the Mechi Chal area just above the town.
( 2) Aage Hawa Hi Hawa Hai Agar Saans Hai Toh Yeh Politics Hai Yahi Kehate Hai, Yahi Sunate Hai Jo Bhi Jaata Hai, Jaata Hai, Woh Phir Se Aata Nahi Aaja Aaja Dil Nichode, Raat Ki Matki Tode Koyi Good Luck Nikaale, Aaj Gullak Toh Phode Hai Dil Dildaara Mera Teli Ka Tel Kaudi Kaudi Paisa Paisa Party Ka Khel Chal Chal Party Mein Hogi Than Than Dhan Te Nan Ta Da Da Da...
Ames enters a brutal three-day chal lenge in order to gain his freedom, competing against vicious criminals like Tyrese Gibson, but trained by Ian McShane to drive a monster Mustang V8 Fastback complete with flame throwers and napalm.
The Showhouse chal lenge is in Kilkenny city at The Weir View.
His endorsement came amid renewed specu lation of a potential chal lenge from within the cabi net - with the focus centred on Environment Secretary David Miliband.
ACPE Vice President, Chal Nunn, MD, MMM, CPE, FACPE, will lead a delegation of physician leaders in a bilateral exchange with their Russian counterparts under the auspices of the People to People Ambassador Program.
Self-Made Man, 2001, presents a cross-eyed and maniacally grinning Bergstein, his body plastered with trompe l'oeil photographs of himself and his father and faux postcards of works of art; he wields a thick brush that drips white paint against the scribbled-on chal kboard background.
It confirmed, quoting Taliban sources, that opposition forces loyal to former Defense Minister Ahmad Shah Masood have taken control of the Chal district in Takhar Province in northern Afghanistan.