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CHAMSCounterintelligence/Human Intelligence Automation Management Software (US Army)
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OFAC designated Chams, Chams Exchange and a separate entity it referred to as the "Chams Money Laundering Organization" as "specially designated narcotics traffickers" under the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act.
OFAC additionally identified Chams and his alleged money laundering operation as "an affiliated network of Hezbollah" under the Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Amendments Act.
For the formation of the community under Ly Man, the tragic history of Khmers Rouges Cambodia appears to have played an important role, as scores of displaced Chams from the region felt drawn to the traditional--now revived--regional Cham center after the Vietnamese invasion in 1979.
This goal required tangible resources, such as the preservation of a distinct script and literary heritage, and the appropriation of a historical figure, taken by the court as epitomizing the historically amicable relationship between Khmers and Chams.
In an attempt to situate the "That's how we say that Chams and Khmers are one and the same", this article will take you on that road, and discuss elements that have long been part of nearly any classic work on anthropology: the rituals.
The following article results from research on, and observation of, two Cham rituals performed--mainly, though not solely--by "The Chams of the Iman San group".
In lower Cambodia seventy percent of Cham make their living as fishermen.
Dun Lee Han, who had been a schoolteacher in Kompong Cham, was invited by the Cham community to come to the remote province and educate the Cham children.
The Chams are a Malayo-Polynesian ethnic group in Vietnam.
Besides groups of the same ethnicity in the nearby Central Highlands, the Chams also engaged other Malayo-Polynesian groups further afield in Southeast Asia.
These sacred maskdances used to be performed during the annual MerakTsechu andMerakpas also used to perform yak cham during the GomakoraTsechu.'We could not perform the yak cham andAchilhamocham during the MerakTsechu this year.
Mr Cham, 43, had told Paisley Sheriff Court the yob "made demands" and told him "we know where you live".