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Shorn by the frost with crystal blade, The dry leaves, scattered, fall at last; Among the valleys of Wu Chan Cold winds of death go wailing past.
His companion, Chan Chi, had been a hatchet-man of note, in the old fighting days of the San Franciseo tongs.
Paul, Gow Yum, and Chan Chi were to be paid was beyond him.
Hawker Chan's menu will be exactly the same as in other Hawker Chans across the region-including the popular pork rib, roast pork and char siu, all below P200.
At Hawker Chan, for only P128, diners can have the chicken rice plate that made its creator, Malaysian-born Chan Hon Meng, famous in Hong Kong and Singapore.
The Chans and the Kongs have lived and continue to travel the world and for the reader to understand the global nature of the families, maps, too, would have been helpful, particularly ones locating Sibu, Pulau Keladi, and Durin, plus the villages in China from which the two families originated (and returned).
This account follows the Chan and Kong families as they migrate to Sarawak from China, their trials and triumphs, journeys and homecomings and, finally, their worldwide Diaspora, with their father, John Chan, always the central point of reference.
IT is borrowers such as the Chans who have forced banks to improve their rates and be more flexible towards customers.
Unlike The Halifax, Scottish Widows were prepared to lend the Chans 100 per cent of the value of the home - which gave them pounds 10,000 to spend.
CHAN'S Kitchen may not have invented the milkshake but it has introduced it to Blackwood.
From offering mouth-watering traditional fish and chips and superb Chinese cuisine at the five-star rated Chan's Kitchen, managing director Kai Chan and his staff have now added a range of freshly-prepared milkshakes that are already the talk of the town.
Action film superstar Jackie Chan may have made millions of dollars at the U.S.