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CHAPChallenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol
CHAPCommunity Health Accreditation Program
CHAPCommon Humanitarian Action Plan
CHAPChallenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
CHAPCommunity Health Alliance of Pasadena (Pasadena, CA)
CHAPCommunity Health Aide Program
CHAPChronic Hazard Advisory Panel
CHAPChicago Health and Aging Project
CHAPChannel Processor
CHAPChristian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania
CHAPChildhope Asia Philippines
CHAPCadet Harassment and Abuse Prevention (Canada)
CHAPChildren Have A Potential
CHAPCommunity Health Advocacy Program
CHAPCommunity Health Action Project
CHAPChildren's Hospitalization Alternative Program
CHAPCommon Hybrid Agent Platform
CHAPCompton High-Altitude Pulse
CHAPCouncil of Health Agencies of the Philippines
CHAPContractor Held Air Force Property
CHAPChemical Hazard Awareness Program
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"Any'ow--got me out of the way of them Japanesy chaps. Wouldn't
Dinnot tell me thou bean't, efther yon chap at schoolmeasther's," says I.
If thou'd got twonty roonaway boys, I'd do it twonty times ower, and twonty more to thot; and I tell thee more,' said John, 'noo my blood is oop, that thou'rt an old ra'ascal; and that it's weel for thou, thou be'est an old 'un, or I'd ha' poonded thee to flour when thou told an honest mun hoo thou'd licked that poor chap in t' coorch.'
The woman got out and ushered the old chap (who could barely walk) to the kerb, while the men wrestled with the scooter.
Ken Dowden discusses the way the collection of Olympian deities was constructed and presented in various contexts and through various media (chap. 2, 'Olympian gods, Olympian pantheon').
Laws, Chap. 325E), both following the Federal Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) standards of 600 ppm, or 0.06% lead by weight.
Sections of State ofWar that need substantial improvement include lack of control on the National Security Agency's eavesdropping (chap. 2) and why the CIA placed so much faith in one unreliable agent ("Curveball") concerning Saddam's weapons of mass destruction (chap.
For example, in his treatment of Jeremiah the reader will learn much about the significance of the prophet's various "pantomimes" while more well-known texts (the temple sermon in chap. 7, the new covenant in chap.
Chap B, because he usually gets slightly better odds than he would with a grubby bookmaker.
"They said, if we continued with the bingo, they would arrest us and the chap who runs it," she said.
We learn more about Chap and what his intentions are.
Chap Mercantile, which is in the process of changing its name to Silver Wheaton, will pay a cash consideration of USD50m and Silver Wheaton shares and warrants for an additional USD80m.