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civil religion has multiple facets, some of which are not strikingly religious (exalting the nation almost as much as a Supreme Being) and others that are deeply grounded in religious--especially Christian--tradition (Chapp, 2012; Domke & Coe, 2010).
Still, Chapp finds the "civil religion" style is more frequent and more effective in US politics-or it was through 2008, the cutoff point for most of the data referenced in the book.
Armed with a complimentary pounds 2.90 stipend from The Chapp and a Daily Post crossword to hand, I ordered my extra cold Guinness and toasted my absent friend.
Chapp.: "The Origin of Novel", "Ancient Novel", "The Influence of Antiquity on the Medieval Novel".
I would like to thank Belena Chapp, Bruce Clarke, Linda Henderson, Howard McCurdy, Dominick Pisano, and Richard Shiff for their assistance with this project.
We thank especially Gonzalo Quino Xolo, Jorge Herrera, and Randy Nutt for field assistance during several years, Lynn Pautler, Alejandro Villegas Gapi, Michelle Watters, Carol Yoon, Robert Raguso, Andre Chapp, Carol Berkower, Lori Scanlon, Juan Carranza, and Ricardo Calvo for field assistance during single seasons, Luis Villa and Alicia Zapata Villa for permission to work on their land, Refugio Cedillo T.
Shea Homes Superintendent, Adam Chapp, has assisted with technical guidance for overall restoration and communication with McCarthy Building.
Chapp (theology, DeSales U., Pennsylvania) explains that since the rise of modern science during the 17th century, Western theology has been split between deism, which sees God as transcendental and outside the world, and pantheism, which sees God as immanent and identical with the material world.
By Larry Chapp. Bethesda, Md.: International Scholars, 1997.